Shannon Palumbo

Shannon Palumbo Athlete

Shannon Palumbo

Shannon Palumbo, dedicated CrossFit athlete since 2015. Holds a degree in exercise physiology from Keene State College. Extensive experience in personal training and leading group exercise classes. Specializes in the intricacies of Olympic weightlifting. A lifelong athlete turned coach, committed to fostering strength and well-being in others. Her favorite movement is the Snatch. Some of her other hobbies include Snowboarding, horseback riding and teaching indoor cycling.

Rent Space

Our facility is available for rent to Personal Trainers and Coaches who would like to do one-on-one training with their clients. Arrangements can be made to accommodate larger group training needs. Please email Coach Clint for details:

Must provide proof of insurance and licensure or certification.

All coaches, trainers and their clients will be required to sign waivers under Guilford Athletic Center, LLC. 

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