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Mental health issues and addiction are more prevalent than one would think. Even with increased awareness, these can be unpopular topics and ones that people avoid discussing or addressing. Through our 2022 competitive grant process, we support various organizations providing these critical services that save and transform lives one at a time.

The article titled “Community Matters – Recovery Support” highlights the significant efforts of two organizations, Lifelinx and Recovery Move, in addressing mental health issues and addiction in the Guilford community. It emphasizes the prevalence of these challenges and the need for community support to combat them.

Lifelinx, founded by a group of recovering addicts, focuses on reducing relapse and providing sustainable recovery support. They offer unique services primarily centered around transportation to treatments, detox centers, hospitals, and social services. Besides this, Lifelinx aids in navigating insurance, offers coaching, referrals, operates sober houses, and ensures safe travel to care facilities.

A key figure in Lifelinx, Board Member Wayne Jarvis, expresses gratitude for the support from The Guilford Foundation (TGF) and the community, stressing the transformative impact of collective involvement and the organization’s commitment to those struggling with addiction, regardless of past failures.

Recovery Move, another initiative based in Guilford, targets at-risk teens and young adults dealing with addiction, mental illness, or traumatic events. Founded by Clint Zeidenberg, the program creatively combines physical exercise (including yoga) with recovery meetings. Zeidenberg notes the effectiveness of this approach, as participants are more open and confident in sharing their experiences post-workout due to the release of endorphins. The program currently serves about 30-40 individuals, demonstrating a successful model of healing through physical activity followed by communal support.

In summary, the article showcases the critical role of Lifelinx and Recovery Move in providing much-needed support and transformative services to individuals battling mental health and addiction issues in Guilford, highlighting the power of community involvement and innovative approaches in recovery support.

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