Guilford Athletic Center has been going strong for almost 10 years, with a solid membership count of well over a hundred of the finest people you’ll meet on the shoreline. Our workouts are contagious; it is the fastest way to get in shape physically and mentally. We are here to help you meet your goals, to make you stronger and help you lose those extra pounds. We’re all living a lot longer these days, and consistent exercise is a surefire way to maintain your quality of life by keeping you feeling powerful, happy, healthy and confident.

Clint Zeidenberg

Owner, Coach, Athlete

Clint Zeidenberg is both an international CrossFit Games Coach and internationally ranked CrossFit athlete. He is one of Connecticut’s top fitness developers helping individuals to continually grow and improve.

Since 2011, hundreds of people, from beginner to experienced, from pre-teen to retired, have benefited from the expertise, warmth and transformational power of Clint’s fitness development programs. In 2017 he coached an area resident to finish 11thin their division at the CrossFit Games. Personally, Clint’s top ranking in 2016 had him 31stin the United States and 41stworldwide. In 2019, to the astonishment of his doctors who thought his injured shoulder would hinder his performance, Clint relied on fitness and wellness to break through this challenge and is ranked 108thin the US and 140thworldwide. In 2020 Clint created Recovery Fitness, the area’s only resource helping people with recovery support from abuse, depression, anxiety, or loss through fitness.

Clint Zeidenberg’ s coaching methods have been proven at the highest levels of personal and physical success.   


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)  
  • Judges Course 2019  
  • Kids CrossFit Certified
  • Gymnastics Certificate  
  • Weightlifting Certificate  

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Guilford Athletic Center

Formerly Guilford CrossFit / 3,000 sq. foot open air fitness center serving Connecticut shoreline

We take a holistic approach to helping people achieve their goals and the Guilford Athletic Center now offers fitness classes, private instruction, nutrition counseling and meal preparation, yoga and recovery programs. 

Now more than ever, Clint’s unwavering support for all members is evidenced by the safety measures he takes to ensure the wellbeing of every athlete in the Guilford Athletic Center community; from following State of Connecticut COVID-19 prevention guidelines to ensure the center is safe, to personalizing training regimens for these unprecedented times.   

This summer, following racist and sexist remarks made by CrossFit’s CEO, Clint made the decision to cancel the CrossFit affiliation and rebrand the gym as the Guilford Athletic Center. 

Located in Guilford, Connecticut at 391 Soundview Road, in a 3,000 sq. ft. warehouse, we have two bathrooms, one of which has a shower for your convenience. We also provide state of the art Rogue equipment.